Every woman makes decisions about her career, her ambitions and her family. As five women who have shared their learnings, successes and failures, we know one thing for sure – there’s a lot we can learn from each other.

We want to take time out to talk about women and changing the world. Not about politics, but about personal lives and choices.

That’s why we organised She Is Sustainable: London in February 2016, a two-day gathering for women working in sustainability, allowing women to share their stories and take part in discussion sessions on all aspects of women’s work and life.

We are currently planning She Is Sustainable: Lancaster and She Is Sustainable: Cambridge, both in July 2016, to bring more women together.

Who’s behind She Is Sustainable?

Becky Willis has run a think tank, advised government and worked on many aspects of environmental policy from tax to community energy. Now, she works on Green Alliance’s political programme, researches at Lancaster University and has a long-term project to civilise her two sons. http://www.rebeccawillis.co.uk

Solitaire Townsend is Co-founder of Futerra http://www.wearefuterra.com. She’s a child-free, globe-trotting entrepreneur.

Amy Mount is senior energy policy adviser at Green Alliance. She’s a generation rent millennial, in a love/hate relationship with the Westminster bubble.

Hannah Hislop and Melissa Miners are global advocacy managers at Unilever, helping a leading company bring sustainability to life.

8 thoughts on “About She is Sustainable

  1. Zoe Lenkiewicz says:

    This initiative looks fantastic! Sadly I won’t be able to attend as I’ll be in Asia, but I’d like to wish you every success with it and I hope to attend another of your events in the future. Thank you!


  2. Shaheera Asante says:

    Oh this looks and sounds very inspiring! Only just came across it by accident at 1:00am:) and sadly have missed the deadline. Please though let me know how it went and when you will have another one. Best Sx


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