She Is Sustainable – 2022 Spring Gathering

Spring is a time for new growth and action. This year, it also feels like a very special invitation to come out of our enforced collective hibernation over the past couple of years.

What better way to honour this than to join us for the first She Is Sustainable event of 2022 to do exactly that!

There is no packed agenda, simply an invitation to connect with like-minded women, get energised and to explore what is emerging for us this Spring, personally and professionally:

· What has been dormant in us and is now waking up?

· What is our focus – both opportunities and challenges – for the year ahead?

· What might we need to let go of as we emerge from the past two years?

· Where do we need to direct our energy, as individuals and as a community of women working in sustainability?

We recognise that we all have different commitments and schedules, so we are running this event twice on the same day to enable as many women as possible to attend.

We look forward to seeing you on 23 March 2022 (at 12:30 or 18:30 ) for another inspiring She Is Sustainable conversation.