On 6th and 7th July 2017, She is Sustainable returned to London for a second year, hosted by the Centre for Environmental Policy at Imperial College London.

This two-day workshop and networking event provided a space for women starting out in the sustainability sector to share experiences on all aspects of work and life.

We heard insights and personal ‘life stories’ from guest speakers, as well as panel discussions on the challenges and opportunities for women in the workplace.

Speakers: Solitaire Townsend, Futerra; Juliet Davenport, Good Energy; Emma Pinchbeck, Renewable UK; Alison Austin, Sainsburys/Independent Sustainability Consultant; Hannah Hislop, Unilever; Sarah Corbett, Craftivist Collective; Karen Makuch, Imperial College London, Alexandra Franklin-Cheung; Imperial College London, Angela Francis, Green Alliance and Amy Mount, Green Alliance.

We were also joined by Penny Walker, an independent facilitator, who facilitated the open space sessions, and Rebecca Willis, independent researcher and co-founder of She is Sustainable.

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