She Is Still Sustainable – London, April 2020

Coronavirus Update

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing coronavirus situation we have decided to cancel this year’s face-to-face ‘She Is Still Sustainable’ event.   

If this year has shown us anything, it is that there is a community of amazing women out there who want to connect, share ideas and change the world together.  We very much hope that we will be able to meet you at a ‘She is Still Sustainable’ event in 2021.

Preparations for next year’s event will start later this autumn. If you would like to get involved in organising it or have any other suggestions, then please let us know. And keep an eye on the website and LinkedIn page for other interesting news.

With best wishes,


With best wishes, 

Penny, Lynne, Frances, Samantha, Alina, Anita and Kerry

Have you been working for years, achieving and progressing in your sustainability roles? Or, are you realising that you’d like to move into sustainability from a different career? Are you looking to return to work after a career break? Perhaps you have recently arrived in the UK and are keen to build up your professional network?  Or have you been working in sustainability for a while, and feeling a bit stale?

She Is Still Sustainable London 2020 could be the event for you – it will bring together 40 women who have been working in and around sustainability for a while, to share their ideas, re-energise their passion, build their network and friendships, and reflect on their career to date and to come.

We want to take time out to talk about women and changing the world. Not about politics, but about personal lives and choices.

Over two days we will give you the chance to share stories, concerns, hopes, expectations and challenges, as well as listening and engaging with other women about their career experience to date and their ongoing ambitions in their world of work. You will have the opportunity to bring your own ideas and curiosity to the open space discussions, think through your career with others, learning from other women’s experiences and plan for the next stage of your life and work in sustainability. Draft agenda.

SiSS will be a warm, safe, friendly event which is refreshing, positive, inspiring and supportive, embracing difference as well as discovering some shared realities of our lived experience.

Interested?  It’s happening in central London (near London Bridge) on Monday 27th-Tuesday 28th April, and tickets go on sale on Monday 17th February (NOTE – we have sold out really fast in the past).

Early in your sustainability career?
Sorry, this event won’t be relevant for you.  But we’d really like to know what you’re interested in for planning any future events; and what challenges you are facing or questions you may have that our SiSSters could help with.  Drop us an email (please confirm it is ok for us to hold your data and get in touch in future about She Is Sustainable) and look out for future events by following us on Twitter.

Like all SiS events, SiSS London 2020 is organised by volunteers for love not money, in order to keep the price accessible. The team of mid-career women behind She Is Still Sustainable 2020 London are:

  • Penny Walker is a facilitator and coach who’s worked in sustainability for over 30 years. A Chartered Environmentalist, Fellow of IEMA, and Certified Professional Facilitator she organized the first She is Still Sustainable with Carolina Karlstrom and Brigid Finlayson.
  • Alina Congreve is a built environment and sustainability professional who enjoys designing collaborative learning experiences.
  • Kerry North helps businesses to be more sustainable through partnership working and people engagement, with over 15 years experience in sustainability and corporate responsibility.
  • Lynne Ceeney
  • Frances Buckingham
  • Anita Konrad
  • Samantha Freelove