It all started with She Is Sustainable: London in February 2016, a two-day gathering for women working in sustainability, allowing women to share their stories and take part in discussion sessions on all aspects of women’s work and life.

We were overwhelmed by the response. Everyone involved – participants and speakers alike – really valued the chance to reflect, plant, plot and support each other. And it took on a life of its own – Emily Dunning, who came to the London session, established She Is Sustainable: Cambridge; three of us got together for a Northern version, She Is Sustainable: Lancaster; followed by She Is Sustainable: Oxford held in March 2017. She is Sustainable: London returned in July.  And She is Still Sustainable, for women who are mid/late career has held several events.

All these events have been organised with minimal funding and maximal goodwill.  There may be future events. We’d love to hear from others who want to join in – please get in touch.

The original founders of She Is Sustainable

Becky Willis has run a think tank, advised government and worked on many aspects of environmental policy from tax to community energy. Now, she works on Green Alliance’s political programme, researches at Lancaster University and has a long-term project to civilise her two sons.

Solitaire Townsend is Co-founder of Futerra She’s a child-free, globe-trotting entrepreneur.

Amy Mount is senior energy adviser at Green Alliance. She’s a generation rent millennial, in a love/hate relationship with the Westminster bubble.

Hannah Hislop and Melissa Miners are global advocacy managers at Unilever, helping a leading company bring sustainability to life.